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The best partner for complete horticultural solutions. From engineering all the way to installation.

We respond decisively and proactively to ongoing developments in global greenhouse horticulture. Our mission is to be and remain the best in the industry, with the best technicians. Not just because the current global developments require this from the sector, but because it is in our DNA.

We do this by;

  • offering and delivering only the best quality. We are committed to the best result.
  • being proactively innovative. We are ahead of the client with innovative solutions. Through our loyal dedication, we are aware of the process and what is going on. This allows us to identify possible improvements and act on them.
  • being totally committed to the best players on the global market. We invest in long-term relationships with them. We do this by thinking with them, going to great lengths for each other and stick to our promises.
  • giving our employees above-average remuneration. But we also expect above-average performance. We provide our engineers with state-of-the-art materials and current knowledge through continuous education.

Collaboration with Atrium Agri

Under the name Atrium Agri, PB tec has a strategic and transparent collaboration with Havecon, VB, Bom Group, VEK consultants and CambridgeHOK. As independent companies, we share knowledge, purchasing power and R&D to respond to the rapid changes in international greenhouse horticulture. Each company maintains its corporate identity and focus on their countries, areas and technical disciplines. The aim of the strategic partnership is to be able to realise large and complex projects worldwide as a single powerful platform, using joint experience and technical expertise. Merging the interests of the customer with the importance of a healthy world. For more information:

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