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We tackle the most complex challenges, even if this entails inventing new techniques. Our efforts have led to the development of new products and designs.


We develop advanced horticultural solutions with architects and designers in water technology, electrical engineering and automation. These are solutions that contribute to high-quality water purification and food supply, close to people.


Designs are realized by our craftsmen. We produce the different parts and construct them into the whole installation. After construction, we install the technology before actual usage.


The technology we develop and install is carefully maintained. After installation, we analyze the performance of our technology and discuss possible improvements. We do all this to keep the performance of horticultural techniques top level.

Our added value

We develop tailor-made solutions and monitor their success. This translates to real craftsmanship; in the technology we develop, the products we make, but also in their maintenance.

Our high tec solution

As leader in our industry we proactively develop innovative and advanced horticultural solutions. To contribute to a high-quality food supply for everyone. Only the best technicians are suitable for this job.

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