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PB tec joins the Legal Cannabis Coalition

 After participating more than two years in a cultivation trial of medicinal cannabis conducted by Wageningen University & Research, PB tec and fifteen other companies located in the Netherlands and affiliated with Topsector T&U (an organization dedicated to finding answers to global horticultural issues) decided to pool their expertise and experience together in a knowledge center: the Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC).

In the LCC, all members are joining laboratories, life science professionals and other scientists to bring together the knowledge and experience we have acquired throughout the world.

The other members are: Grodan, Havecon, Hoogendoorn, Koppert Biological Systems, Ludvig Svensson, Meteor Systems, Oreon, PB tec, Perfect Plants, Plantise, Royal Brinkman, Brightlabs, Themato, ProPharma Group, Sure Laboratories and Campaigns&Results.

On the eve of further legalization
Due to its leading position, the Dutch horticulture sector was involved right from the start of cannabis legalization - particularly in North America - in the development of its cultivation, including cultivation sites and technology. The first years of the cannabis market were turbulent, but now legalization in North America is entering a mature phase. Meanwhile, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa are still on the eve of further legalization.

One-stop shop
Due to the developments made in cultivation sites, cultivation technology, research, lab testing, Good Manufacturing Practices, compliance, and product and market development - along with all the lessons we learned - the LCC can be a one-stop shop to provide global cannabis legalization with the most professional possible support. Growers, government agencies, investors and retailers are already requesting the expertise and experience of the Legal Cannabis Coalition.

The LCC is also sharing its expertise and experience by providing international licensed producers with training and education. This organization is conducting specific research with international universities as well as helping growers worldwide to transition from their existing crops to cannabis. Due to our members' broad expertise - from plant to product to patient - the LCC can satisfy practically every market demand. The condition we place on this, however, is that a request for this assistance must involve a legal market situation.


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