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Paul Brabander bids PB tec farewell

On 1 July, Paul Brabander will bid farewell to PB tec. Together with Koen Brabander and later Richard Schmit, Paul built and developed the company into one of the market leaders in providing electrical engineering, water technology and automation services to the horticultural sector. 

Paul is responsible for technical and operational policy at PB tec. In recent years, our company has grown considerably, as have its ambitions. “It’s absolutely incredible for the business. We’ve got good people here, and that’s reflected in our success. However, this growth isn’t in line with my personal ambitions, so I’ve decided it’s time to move on to something else,” says Paul. Paul hasn’t yet revealed what this something else is, but a next step outside the sector is certainly possible. “I am indeed working on something, but I’m still forming ideas about it.” 

Paul and his team have been at the forefront of new innovations within the horticultural sector for many years; For example, PB tec was involved right from the start in installing LED lighting and using UV units for disinfection in the horticultural sector. 

Paul also mentions some other innovations with enthusiasm: “One of the most amazing devices we made is the liquid fertilisation unit.

It’s not something used in many companies, but in large-scale horticultural projects. We’re currently working on ultrafiltration, to supplement UV disinfection of water and drainwater disinfection. It’s a water purification method with a high disinfection capacity, which means the water can be reused in cultivation.”

According to Paul, there are a number of developments in horticulture worth following. “Growing in totally closed environments will become much more important in the future. PB tec has already delivered a number of projects in vertical farming and multi-layer systems. I think that systems in which light, temperature, air, water, labour and internal transport take place in a completely sealed environment are really going to take off.”

In recent months, our company has been preparing for Paul's farewell, and working together on hiring in new expertise. “With the arrival of Roy van Gaalen and Gerard van Lier, we’ve added two technical powerhouses. Remko Walta will take over my management duties as Operations Manager. These new powerhouses will strengthen the enthusiastic and close-knit team we’ve been working with for almost 30 years, and of whom I’m extremely proud. I look back with pleasure on what we’ve achieved with them, and obviously our customers. I’ve worked intensively with a number of clients, such as Koppert Cress, Royal Pride, Agro Care, RedStar Trading, Ovata and Bunnik Plants. I’d like to thank them and my team for the great cooperation!” 

“I wish all the people at PB lots of years of job satisfaction and success. Of course, I wish the same for our customers. For those hit hard by COVID-19, I particularly hope they can successfully reverse their fortunes over the near future."

Paul will be working at PB tec until 1 July. 

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