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Switch panel producers at home with greenhouse cultivation

PB tec has a separate division dedicated to producing switch panels for horticultural and industrial projects. Part of our production is given over to the manufacture of standard panels. However, most panels are bespoke units produced for specific projects, ensuring that once on site the whole installation can be installed in a coordinated and simple manner.

The advantages of in-house switch panel production

  • All panels are produced according to recognised Dutch standards, adjusted to local conditions and regulations.
  • Panels are delivered with instruction drawings and connection details, which are integrated on a screen for simple and cost saving connection.
  • Fine-tuning the production in consultation with the IT division is simple. In some instances this can result in a unique form of collaboration, leading to the inclusion of complete computers within the panel. This will reduce the number of connections required and minimise the fault sensitivity of the system.
  • On site, the technician can link up such a combined component as a complete unit directly to the net.

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