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Fog installations

Control humidity effectively with fog installations by PB tec

With fog installations you can set the humidity in the greenhouse to a desired optimum and lower the temperature. Combined with a well functioning ventilation system, a fog installation is an excellent tool for interior climate control. A cooling effect will be created in the greenhouse by reducing the energy required to evaporate water.

Ventilating during the fog can exchange the entire volume of the greenhouse to up to 10x per hour. PB tec designs tailor made installations by determining your plants’ precise requirements with regard to water evaporation.

The ideal fog installation for every greenhouse cultivation company

  • Efficient production and installation by performing most preparatory work in our own workshop.
  • Guaranteed durable lifespan: each fog installation is entirely assembled from stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel also prevents sprinkler heads blocking through electrolysis between differing metals.
  • PB tec designs and assembles pump units entirely in-house.

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What is the ideal fog installation for your company?

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