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Boom sprayer installations

Boom sprayer installations for mobile spray irrigation

Mobile spray irrigation installations are ideal when other irrigation systems cannot really be used in practice and when uniformity is essential. A good example of mobile spray irrigation is a boom sprayer installation. There are also spraying robots which are not attached or location fixed, but are able to ‘walk’ through all the greenhouse zones.

PB tec has developed its own system of mobile irrigation. This method sends a jet once or numerous times over the entire width of the greenhouse. The speed of the system can also be controlled.

Advantages of mobile irrigation

  • The speed of the mobile irrigation in any zone can be controlled. For example it is possible to irrigate the sides for longer than the centre, to avoid having to water the sides later by hand.
  • A traditional spray irrigation system often needs at least five irrigation heads in any greenhouse zone. Mobile irrigation works with only one jet per zone and will result in 1-2% more light.
  • Mobile irrigation is a combined protection installation (moet dit wellicht screening zijn? (bescherming)) and irrigation installation. This makes control easy to centralise, ensuring that you no longer require control units per greenhouse zone.
  • Mobile irrigation is an economical, practical and simple method of irrigation.

What are the advantages of mobile irrigation for your company?

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