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PB UV disinfection

Economic and controllable disinfection with the PB UV disinfection unit

Would you like to disinfect your drainage water effectively using a reliable and affordable solution? The PB-UV disinfection system is the answer. Only water which is exposed to the required dose of radiation will be let through.

The advantages of PB-UV disinfection:

  • Excellent performance under varying circumstances.
  • Seven 325 Watt lights per reactor; safe and easy to maintain.
  • Turbulent flow, ensuring that PB-UV delivers excellent efficiency. This design is economical to use and easy to control.
  • State-of-the-art full colour touch screen control as standard.
  • Automatic calculation system gives direct insight into the results of your investment.

Download here the factsheet

Would you like to experience the advantages of the PB-UV disinfection system?

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