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Simplicity hand in hand with reliable fertilisation dosage

The PB Inject is a fertilisation dosage unit which combines simplicity and reliability in the one system. The unit will function problem free at various nurseries, automating the most basic actions regarding dosage. The computer regulates the EC and pH and controls the valves. Flexibility is key: the fertilisers can be dosed in any desired ratio.

The requirements for siting the PB Inject

The PB Inject is easy to place and user friendly. Your company can be set up and ready to roll with automated fertilisation within a couple of hours, provided a few preconditions are met. These are:

  • A 220 Volt power point within five meters of the PB Inject-unit.
  • A water pressure of between 2-4 bar on the pipe where the PB Inject will be working.
  • 4 x 5/4” connections (female) and 1 x 1/2” connection (female).

Ideal set-up for every company

  • With the PB Inject's most basic set-up, the unit will inject a single fertiliser into your existing main supply system, while controlling the EC value of the irrigation water.
  • This set-up can also be utilised if the valves are automatically opened and closed by a different method of control.
  • With the PB Inject, the control of the EC value can be expanded by up to five fertilisers, each of which can be dosed in the required ratio.
  • The PB Inject can also handle the pH values and automatically regulate the valves.
  • In every instance, what you certainly will gain is ease of control; suitable for use worldwide.

Download here the factsheet

If you have any queries regarding the PB Inject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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