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Liquid fertiliser filling system

The perfect system for filling fertiliser containers with liquid fertiliser

The liquid fertiliser filling system (the PB-VMU) is a stand-alone system, capable of supplying a greenhouse complex of up to 100 hectare with fertiliser.

The system ensures the fully automated filling of all containers, whilst safeguarding all processes. The few renewable components are easy to access and replace, making it a particularly reliable machine.


  • Labour costs: the investment can be recouped within 2 to 4 years (depending on m2 greenhouse and crop)
  • Operational security: Nothing will be forgotten, operation is not single-person dependent.
  • Recording: Everything can be recorded and logged; an increasingly important aspect.
  • Connection: the PB-VMU is a stand-alone machine, however it can be connected to a interior climate computer. For example, the level sensors of the PB-UV can be used and regulated in tandem.

All processes can be combined with a Logilevel system by Logipower to ensure that the fertilisers are automatically ordered and delivered by your supplier.

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