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An extensive new construction project such as this, is often divided into phases, in which 10 to 15 hectare is delivered per phase. In this way, the project remains manageable, both financially and operationally, for the company and all suppliers involved. For RedStar Fudinto, we have delivered 3 phases of 10 hectare, with complete water technique and electrical engineering, completely automated and controlled by software of our partner Ridder.

Extensive projects such as RedStar Fudinto, are not more complex in technique per definition. On the contrary, the more square meters of greenhouse horticulture, the more important standardization becomes to make the operation in the greenhouse run smoothly. The techniques we applied are the typical techniques involved in tomato cultivation, such as drop irrigation.

A team of work planners, engineers, technicians, and mechanics have worked about 2 months on phase 3 of the project.

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